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Your Fav Country Stars Weekend In Photos!

Carrie Underwood celebrated her birthday over the weekend with a cheesecake like you've never seen before -- six tiers or wheels of actual cheese.

Travis Denning shared some helpful automotive advice on Instagram just to keep you up and running.

Before heading to Australia, Bailey Zimmerman took his pup, Marley, for her first trip to the beach. She seemed to like it.

In case there is any question if Carly Pearce is a country singer, pups June and Johnny are here to vouch for her the best way they can.

Kane Brown is a proud girl dad and it's a good thing. There's no denying the DNA of his two little girls, Kingsley and Kodi. They're the spitting image of Daddy.

Most of us have tried a lot of different things in the name of fun, but Keith Urban's idea of a good time is one for the bucket list.

If the lights look a little wonky during Carly Pearce's set, you might want to find headliner Blake Shelton. He may have been up to some backstage shenanigans.

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Shane Profitt is a funcle -- a fun uncle to the newest baby boy in his family. He doesn't look very comfortable with a baby that small, though.

We aren't sure if Lainey Wilson left before cake was served or if cake was hijacked before she knew it. What we are certain of is Joe Nichols found the layered treat delicious.

It's pretty obvious that at five months old, Scotty McCreery's baby boy, Avery, is a pretty happy little dude. We can also see he has a strong resemblance to his dad and an infectious smile. 

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