Lauren Alaina Addresses Her Struggle Being In A Relationship With An Addict

Recently Lauren Alaina made a vague statement on social media about getting ready to "share her truth," accompanied by (one) of the direct messages she received from a woman alluding to a mutual struggle they both shared. She captioned her initial social media post with this heartfelt statement, "To all the women who have sent me these messages, I see you. I'm sorry you went through it as well. I wish I had spoken up for you all before now. I will find a way." A few hours later, Lauren tweeted, "It’s never too late to speak your truth. I’m ready."

Well now Lauren has opened up even more about "a personal experience that truly stopped me in my tracks" and how it's taken her close to two years, with the right tools like therapy and support from the people around her, to heal from her experience.

Lauren explained she's spent the last few weeks "praying, thinking and hoping for the right words to come out" and finally feels ready to "speak for herself." Her statement went on to reveal that it's been almost two years and she's "still receiving messages from women who got wrapped up in the same narrative I was wrapped up in." She went on to say "I am posting this for us. I want you to know that I believe you. I see you. I pray for you. I know what you went through. I went through it too. Being in a relationship with an addict is scary, deceitful and hard to manage." Lauren ended her statement by acknowledging that May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in honor of that, her foundation My Kinda People have made a donation to Mental Health America to "hopefully move the needle for people out there who need their own healing."

Lauren captioned her statement with an honest sentiment, "I have finally put this chapter behind me, and I hope we can all find the forgiveness and healing we need. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. It’s meant more than you will ever know. We are all in this together #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth" Check out Lauren's full statement below!