Gabby Barrett Reveals The Meaning Behind Her Daughter's Name

Gabby Barrett stopped by The Bobby Bones Show recently and spilled the tea on where she got the super cute, original name for her daughter.

Earlier this year, Gabby Barrett and husband Cade Foehner welcomed daughter Baylah May, so where did they get the name Baylah? In an interview with “The Bobby Bones Show,” Gabby says the name is inspired by Cade’s sister Bailey Blame. “I was just kind of trying to spin off of that because I like the name Bailey, but I wanted something that was a little more original," she said. "I was in the airport just messing with it and I was like, ‘Bailey, Baylah,’ and I was like, 'Oh, I like Baylah' and I put it down in my notes." Gabby adds that Baylah’s middle name was inspired by her sister who “was born in the month of May.”

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