Vince Gill, Maren Morris & More Weigh In On Current State of Country Music

Diversity and accountability in country music has been a big issue in recent months, and in a new interview with "CBS This Morning," Vince Gill and Maren Morris, were among the artists who discussed the issue. 

Vince says “it’s be nice” for more country artists to speak out on issues. Talking about the Morgan Wallen controversy, where he was heard saying a racial slur on video, Vince notes, “It was just sad. It was just disappointing. I knew that everybody was going to massacre country music." Vince notes that while “most people perceive that country music is extremely conservative,” that isn’t necessarily true when it comes to musicians. “I think maybe the audience might be predominantly conservative,” he says. “I don't know that the artistry is. I don't know that the community is. So there's a rub in there.” 

Maren and hubby Ryan Hurd were also interviewed for the piece, with Maren noting that in order to “move forward” country music needs to acknowledge, “the fact that at its roots is racism and cultural appropriation...and completely destroying that mentality going forward." As for Morgan, Ryan notes, "I don't wanna seem like we're piling on Morgan, but there's no place for that word," with Maren adding, "Morgan is a symptom of a much bigger disease of what our genre is right now.” 

Finally Maren notes, “The world is looking at us right now...People are starting to speak up. We're not protecting our own with this wall of silence cause we're afraid we might be canceled next. We're all becoming more accountable.”