Laurie Interviews Kristi Nelson, Author of "Wake Up Grateful"

Do you think you’re a grateful person? Do you wish you were more so? Kristi Nelson has written a book called,Wake Up Grateful: The Transformative Practice of Taking Nothing For Granted, she says there is a difference between gratitude and gratefulness. Gratitude relies on something good happening in our lives but gratefulness only needs us to be awake to what is happening in our lives. She even suggests that before you get up every day, while you’re still lying in bed, to take a few minutes and think of three things you are grateful for, it could change your mind set for the day ahead. We also talked about how important the words we speak to ourselves really are. Instead of saying, “I have to” do something, try, “I get to” or “because I can.” With Thanksgiving coming this week I’m sure many of us will be reflecting on the people and things we are grateful for, maybe listening to Kristi will encourage and expand our thoughts!