Laurie DeYoung Interviews Ken Haedrich, Author of "Pie Academy"

When I laid eyes on the new book Ken Haedrich just put out, Pie Academy, I was pretty excited. If you have listened to the Laurie DeYoung Show for a while you know how I feel about pie. I make pies throughout the year but in honor of the fact that we are a week away from Thanksgiving now, I thought I’d check in with Ken and talk a little pie! He has an great/heartwarming story about how he got interested in cooking and baking in the first place. Ken has written over a dozen cookbooks. We also talked about why making your own pie crust can be so intimidating, what kind of apples are good to use for making a pie or apple dumplings and what favorite ingredient he likes to put in his apple pies. He has a little secret about pumpkin pie too, how to make the crust even taste better when you’re making one of those. Ever put your Thanksgiving leftovers in a pie? Turkey potpie here we come. Ken reminds us all that we don’t get better at making something unless we’re willing to practice. If you’re getting ready to do some baking for the holidays you might want to listen in on our short conversation!