Laurie Interviews Scott Cohen, Author of "Don’t You Just Hate That?"

With all that’s been going on in our world lately sometimes we just crave a break from that which weighs on us. Author Scott Cohen is ready to give you one with his new book Don’t You Just Hate That?, He’s written down 947 of life’s little annoyances, like, when someone says, “I see you got a haircut,” and makes no further comment.How about when you’re talking to someone on the phone and suddenly you hear a toilet flush?Wedding toasts that end up being more about the person giving the toast than the bride and groom. Scott has 944 more where those came from and you can read them in his book or listen to us talk about them right here. He also asked people in different professions to talk about what bugs them the most at work; hairstylists, female bartenders and IT people, among others. This is a small book that would fit great into someone’s stocking. I hope it gives you something to smile about for a few minutes.