Woman Finds The Best Product On Amazon To Help Her Husband Clean

This is certainly one way to send a message to the person you live with. 

A woman has come up with a creative way of pointing out what a disaster her husband is and how is always leaving messes behind. So she recorded herself putting mini middle finger figurines everywhere a mess would arise because of her hubby.

“I bought these little middle finger figurines to put around the house when I see something I’m unhappy with,” said Sandra Jeenie Kwon in the video. Her video has certainly hit home as it's gotten more than 6.4 million views.

Turns out that the middle finger figurines ended up selling out on Amazon within a few hours of her posting the video. No word yet on whether her tactic has resulted in any changed behavior from said husband — or if he’s resorted to any of his own measures to deal with her missteps.

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