Why Was Maren Morris Told To "Leave Country Music?" Read Her Response!

Maren Morris is known as someone who loves to speak her mind, and she’s not about to sit quietly when someone tries to shut her up. 

In case you missed it, Maren was quick to respond to a Twitter troll who had an issue with Maren being a feminist, writing, “Why don't you take your liberal, feminist crap and leave country music!,” adding, “Your newest video for "Girl" is disgusting and as a woman I actually find it totally demeaning and out of line. How dare you act like you represent women who listen to country music.”

Well, that certainly didn’t sit well with Maren, who was quick to clap back at the hater, sharing, “Hate to break it to you, Bailey, but she’s here for the long haul to make more “disgusting” music videos about self-acceptance and mental care. Gross!”

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