Laurie DeYoung's Thoughts For 2019: Be Kind

Now that we’re more than a week into this new year, some thoughts.

On the Laurie DeYoung Show we were talking about things we wanted to do differently in 2019.  I said I wanted to complain less, St. Pierre said he wanted to focus more on things he could do something about and not constantly worry about what he couldn’t affect. Francesca said she wanted to be more positive. Then I saw an article about how the practice of being grateful every day (instead of complaining) not only makes you happier but also helps you to sleep better at night. So I was thinking about a couple of things I was grateful for when I got back from vacation and they both had to do with words.

Since I was a child, words have always had a huge impact on me. I think because I was verbally bullied thru-out elementary and middle school I became almost “overly grateful” when someone would actually say something nice to me and I would try to hold on to those good words, let them wash over me and soak in. I wanted to remember them because for some reason our minds tend to almost always focus on the negative things we’ve heard and experienced. It’s probably one reason I save kind letters I get from time to time.  There were two waiting for me when I got back to reality here in Baltimore. Waiting for me at home, a hand-written note from my friend Allen, kind of a personal update about his life, he lives in Georgia so I don’t see him very often but I had sent him a Christmas card last month so he was writing back with his latest news.  The first thing he always communicates to me in his letters is how excited he gets when he sees a card from me in his post office box, he says, “I always know it’s going to be good!” What a kind thing to say right? I have saved every letter he’s written, and he’s as kind to my husband with his words as he is to me. A good friend indeed. Then when I got to work on Monday there was a hand-written note from Jennifer, a client I had worked with last year just thanking me for a job well done. She said she was “looking forward to working with me in 2019.”

Kindness, it’s so important. Look for the good in 2019. 

The photo is a sign that sits on my desk! What do you want to do differently in 2019?

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