Road Trip Diary: Laurie's Trip Down South

I came across a recent statistic about road trips the other day, the report said that this summer 79% of us plan to take one. I have a couple planned this summer, last week my husband Ed and I drove to Florida and later this month we’ll be headed back to the state where we grew up, Michigan. We love going back to upper Michigan where we used to vacation when we were first married. Usually I’ll go one way in our van with Ed on these trips then fly one way. My schedule has less flexibility so I don’t want to use up too many precious vacation days on the road. I can’t remember how many years ago Ed decided he didn’t really want to fly much anymore but when he made that decision it changed how we vacate. We really have a dog house on wheels, the seats in the back are down to make way for a dog tent which Jack, one of our two Havanese likes to ride in, he likes his space. 

Frida rides up on a pillow placed on the center console with her head on Ed’s leg most of the time.

We have our navigation set and off we go. 

Just trying to keep everything moving down the road and stay out of trouble at the same time...

We stopped in Benson, North Carolina and hit the Short Stop gas station, just missed the convention that was in town...

But could have picked up all the boiled peanuts we wanted!

I love road signs and when you get down south at this time of year you see lots of advertisements for fireworks but I like this one because I knew I could get some peaches too! 

 I always love it when we pass by South of the Border! We haven’t stopped yet but one of these days I think we might...

Ed drives on our road trips so when I need a break from riding shotgun I just jump in the back and watch a good movie like Sense and Sensibility

Road snacks are great to take along with you, and we did, but every now and then you need a little something else to tempt you and isn’t it usually about time to stop for a break? 

We did make it to our destination safely and with no car-guments. Another successful road trip!

Where are your travels taking you this summer?

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