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Weekend Update: See What Your Favorite Country Stars Were Up To!

In our latest installment of we look at Instagram so you don't have to, we dug up some great posts from over the weekend to show you what your favorite country stars were up to in their free time. We've got some great moments here!

We're coming up on Easter and Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman has some tips for setting a holiday table that's fit for a family.

Brett Young had a sweet surprise waiting for him when he came home from tour for his birthday. His daughters were ready to celebrate his 66th birthday. Except he's actually 43.

Scotty McCreery shares the evolution of an album cover and the years have definitely been good to him and the mountains.

Bailey Zimmerman doesn't need Tinder, eHarmony or Match, he's doing a fine job of advertising for a wife on his social media.

Before now, we only saw the mischief and trouble that Luke Bryan's dog, Choc, stirred up. It turns out that he's quite a well-behaved pupper who listens closely and happily obliges Luke's commands. If he could sing, we're certain he'd get an American Idol ticket to Hollywood.

Apparently, nothing can turn Dillon Carmichael to mush quite like his pups, Mr. Parker and Joe Diffie, on National Puppy Day.

We wouldn't say that Lee Brice's daughter, Trulee, has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, but we don't mind if you say it.

After Riley Green served up a solid pitch from the L-S-U mound, we wouldn't be surprised if the M-L-B came calling. 

You have got to check out Breland's acting chops. He's got skills for days in a new March Madness commercial for Geico. He's also in the new Netflix remake of Roadhouse, but watch who you play that around. The language is a little salty.

Cole Swindell and his bride-to-be, Courtney Little, are enjoying the rites of spring training. They paid a visit to their favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, and got up close and personal.

We know that Brad Paisley runs in some pretty important circles, but the one that had his attention this weekend was the circle that reaches the stars. It includes William Shatner, who just turned 93.

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