St. Pierre's FeBREWary Stop #13: Flying Dog Brewery

When I started this journey I thought I'd just do breweries around Baltimore. Maybe focus on 2 per week of some of my favorite spots. But then I remembered how many incredible locations we have in Maryland. So far I've mostly been hanging in Baltimore County, City and Howard County. But I have to make a trip out to Frederick for Flying Dog Brewery.

I took my first brewery tour at Flying Dog. A few years back my wife set it up for my birthday. We went out to Frederick to check it out and also stopped by my favorite sandwich shop, AKA Friscos.

Flying Dog has worked hard to grow and expand out of just Maryland alone. I'm not sure what started it for them. I was introduced with a beer called Raging Bitch. You want a beer that can knock you on your ass? Raging Bitch is the one. The Lucky SOB has also been a favorite of mine.

I know, depending on where you live, Frederick isn't exactly next door. But I would recommend making a day trip out to the Flying Dog Brewery whenever you get a chance. The tap room is fun, they have a big outdoor area and a brewery tour can be a lot of fun. If you're looking for a beer to check out, one of all time favorite beers is Flying Dog's Blood Line.

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