St. Pierre's FeBREWary Stop #11: Nepenthe Brewing Co

When my wife and I were trying to figure out what to do with our rehearsal dinner before the wedding, we had trouble picking a spot. We could have chosen some fancy hot spot to gather with the family, but that's not our style. Instead, we decided to do a 'bar crawl' as our event. And that crawl started at Nepenthe Brewing Co.

We started there because Nepenthe has become a favorite spot of ours in Hampden. It sits right on Falls Road on the corner of The Avenue. It has become a place that we bring all visitors to see. The atmosphere and employees are great. And the overall vibe is great.

The names of their beers are bizarre, the artwork maybe even crazier. It's all part of the charm. I also love that their bathrooms are all private bathrooms. I know, it's weird to be excited about that. But I love a good private bathroom.

There are a lot of things that make Nepenthe unique and buzzworthy. What really takes it a step above the other breweries in town is the food. Most of the local breweries serve beer and maybe some light snacks. Or sometimes a food truck will pop by to serve food for patrons. But Nepenthe has brought in some creative chefs to keep stepping up the food game.

There's no one beer at Nepenthe that I love more than others. I prefer to spend a chill Saturday afternoon in the tap room with a couple flights. But I did pick up a 4-pack of this Astral Decay American pale ale.

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