ESPN Shared Mo Gaba's Story With The Rest Of The Nation

Even though I work at WPOC, I often would tune in to listen to sports talk on 105.7 The Fan. I'd catch Scott and Jeremy in the afternoon a lot and that's where I was first introduced to Mo Gaba.

At first I remember thinking, who is this kid calling in to the radio show? But the more I listened the more I could tell there was something special about him. I didn't even know his story at that point.

Then I started seeing him pop up on local news stories and he blew my mind. His strength and passion always blew me away. I feel very lucky to have been at a couple of events with him and having had the chance to listen to him on the radio. I was in Nashville when he read off the Ravens draft pick in 2019 and the crowd went wild. Thousands of NFL fans (Ravens and non-Ravens fans) showing their love. It brought tears to my see all of these people united by their appreciation for a young man that has fought tougher battles than most of us will ever experience.

On Sunday 11/22/20 ESPN shared Mo's story during their NFL coverage. I'm so glad his name is being put out there to the folks that are unfamiliar. Mo deserves the recognition.