Fighting Through Runner's Fatigue On The Latest Episode Of 'Be More Well'

You've probably heard before that running can be a great way to clear your mind. It's an opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and work stuff out. Maybe you're a runner and you've found this to be true.

While I've experienced some of that mental clarity during running, I've also experienced the dark side of it. When I say 'dark side' I'm talking about those runs where those thoughts in your head torture you and cause more problems than solutions.

This has commonly been known as runner's fatigue. It can happen to anyone and for any particular reason. For me it came a few years ago as I started to have health issues that hurt my performance. I couldn't handle my slower paces and I started to beat myself up over what I perceived to be less than stellar times.

In the latest episode of my podcast, Be More Well, I caught up with Runner's World Health and Fitness editor Danielle Zickl to talk about her experience with runner's fatigue and how she found a way to break through it. Take a listen!