Howard County's DJ Kopec Talks About His Viral Hit Quarantine Dance Parties

Think back to when you first heard about the stay at home orders and schools closing down. Remember that feeling? It was different for everyone, but many people felt a sense of stress with not knowing exactly what was going on.

Howard County's DJ Kopec thought he would try to bring some joy to not only his own stressed out family, but others in his social network. He plugged in all his DJ equipment and decided to throw a little quarantine dance party on Facebook Live. He figured he'd get maybe 100 viewers, expecting most of them to be family and friends. But before he knew it, there were tens of thousands of people watching. And by the next morning his video had over 1 million views.

Chris Kopec was definitely surprised by the response and decided to take it one step further to try and help out those in need. You can hear the entire story in the interview below. I urge you to take part in the next 'Quarantine Dance Party' taking place on Saturday night (4/18). It's going to benefit the Ulman Foundation.

Find all of the details on DJ Kopec's Facebook page.

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