Lamar Jackson Checks In On Photographer After Sideline Hit During Game

There were a lot of different story lines going on during the Ravens and Steelers matchup on Sunday, but there was one incident with a photographer that had a lot of people talking. You may remember a moment when Lamar Jackson was running out of bounds and got shoved into a photog on the sidelines. Just in case you didn't see the video...

As you see in the video above, Jackson stops to pick the woman up and make sure she's ok before going back on the field. His concern for her didn't end there.

The photographer's name is Shelley Lipton. Apparently Jackson slid into her DM's after the game to check on her and make sure she was still doing fine.

"They're human beings, too," Jackson says. "We're moving fast and get physical out there on the field, and we're coming full speed and she's sitting down taking pictures. I know that kind of hurt. I had to make sure she was all right."

Say what you want about Jackson's play on the field, but at least we know he's a pretty good dude.

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