Gone West Debuts Their New Video For 'What Could've Been'

When I heard rumors about the project that has become Gone West, I had a hard time controlling my excitement. I'm such a fan of all the people involved in the band. Colbie Caillat is incredible. Her good friend and songwriting partner Jason Reeves has such a great sound. I had the pleasure of meeting Jason's wife, Nelly Joy, a few years ago when she was part of another duo and she's awesome. Then there's Colbie's fiance, Justin Kawika Young, who has an amazing career on his own. All four of these people teaming up to form one band is like Voltron teaming up to fight bad guys. I can't imagine a better fit.

Anyway...enough gushing from me. They just put out their first video for the song 'What Could've Been.' Enjoy!

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