Maryland Speed Cameras Generated $64 Million Last Year

I got into a debate about speed cameras with a couple co-workers of mine. I'll say this, I don't LOVE the idea of having speed cameras. But, I don't have an issue with them. I'd like to know that the money is going to fixing our roads, though.

My co-workers didn't agree with my opinion. I found out later it's because they had both received multiple tickets. I told them the easy solution here is just to not speed around them. It's not like the cameras are hidden. Plus, they're only in school and construction zones. Use your brain a little. It's not hard.

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, Maryland brought in nearly $64 million in automated traffic enforcement fines last year. Montgomery County was the biggest offender with nearly $16 million in ticket revenue. Baltimore City came in second. The full list of the most lucrative jurisdictions is below.

1) Montgomery County $15,954,868

2) Baltimore City $9.6 million

3) Prince George's County $6,894,036

4) Baltimore County $5,651,371

5) College Park $2,724,254

6) Gaithersburg $2,174, 823

7) Rockville $1,811,724

8) Laurel $1,427,991

9) Charles County $1,407,500

10) Salisbury $1,325,771

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