Nickelodeon's 'Slime' Sauce Ketchup Is My 90's Dream Come True!

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Any kid growing up in the 90's knows exactly what 'Slime' is.  In fact, I've always had a dream of being slimed on Nickelodeon.  

That dream may never come true, but I can still get some slime in my house with this new 'Slime' Sauce Ketchup.  Apparently you can find this at Walmart stores for just $3!

Let’s be honest: I’d be totally okay having 30 gallons of this stuff dumped on me. 💁‍♂️ Nickelodeon Slime Sauce is out now at Walmart! It appears to just be green ketchup from Walmart’s Great Value brand, but the nostalgia factor here is through the roof. If you grew up watching Double Dare and other classic Nickelodeon shows like I did, do your inner 90’s kid a favor and buy a bottle or two. 👌 • Follow Snack Cellar! Snapchat 👻/Facebook 👍/Twitter 🐦: snackcellar

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It’s real! I thought it was fake. Can’t wait to try this on all my food! Spotted at Walmart! #walmart #greatvalue #green #goo #slime #nickelodeon #nickelodeonslime #ketchup #fries #new #greatvalues #musttry #weird #limitedition #crazy #foodporn #yummy

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