New England Patriots Hire Martial Arts Expert To Coach Pass Rush

For the last 20 years, the New England Patriots have been a step ahead of the rest of the NFL.  They've had a run of success never before seen in the history of the league and they continue to set records every season.  

How have they been able to do this?  They think outside the box.

The team has hired pass rush consultant Joe Kim.  Not only does Kim know a bit about football...he's also a martial arts expert.  He will work with the team's defensive line coach to help defenders improve their hand-to-hand combat skills.

Pass rush is all about how you use your hands, right?

It sounds innovative, but the Pats are not the first team to work with Kim.  He's been hired by 10 other NFL teams in the past.  The first team to do it was the Cleveland Browns in 1992.  Who was their coach?  Oh yeah...Bill Belichick. 

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