The Backstreet Boys Dressed In Drag As The Spice Girls And It's Amazing

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Did you know there was a Backstreet Boys cruise?  Well, there is.  

The guys are currently out on the BSB Cruise and they are having the most fun ever.  They're even playing dress up when they hit the stage.  And these guys do not go half-way for anything.  They go all in.  Just take a look at the picture of them dressed in drag as the Spice Girls.  

Way to go, guys.  Way to go.

Celebrating all of the girl power that’s kept us going for 25 years. #SpiceBoys #BSBCruise2018 📸: @shaggs

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We got it goin’ con! You guys killed this one!! #BSBCruise2018

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Hashtag blessed! Can’t thank you guys enough for all the memories we’re taking home with us. Raise your hand if you agree this was the BEST CRUISE YET... 🚢 #BSBCRUISE2018 Stay tuned for ALL the memories ALL WEEK LONG...

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