Siblings See Each Other For First Time Since Crash That Took Their Parents

Tragedy truck the Clemons family on April 7th.  According to police reports, their family vehicle was involved in an accident when another car lost control, crossed a median, and struck theirs.  Mom and dad, Jim and Karisa, were killed instantly.  So was newborn baby Juliana.

The family's other four children survived, but have been fighting for their lives.  

Angela, 8, sustained major head injuries and was unconscious for a long time.  Zachary, 6, suffered a broken back and a ripped colon.  Wyatt, 4, had multiple strokes, has brain injuries, and was paralyzed on his left side.  And 2-year-old Nicholas was released after just a few days to stay with relatives.

A photo of two of the children is inspiring the world.  Zachary and Angela saw each other for the first time since the accident and someone snapped a photo of them.  It's one of the most beautiful moments I've ever seen.  

St. Pierre


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