Baltimore Police Will Be Cracking Down On Drivers That "Block The Box"

The last time I was leaving downtown Baltimore after a visit, I had such a hard time getting through the intersections.  There would always be someone, who thought they could make it through the light, blocking my path and I'd have to sit through another light.  It seems I wasn't the only one annoyed by this because Baltimore police are going to be cracking down on these drivers.

The city announced plans to ticket drivers who "block the box" with a $90 fine and a point off their license.

That's a pretty intense fine, so you better be careful!

Michelle Pourciau, the director for transportation in Baltimore, said, "Motorists who block the box cause traffic congestion delays and prohibits vehicles from passing through the intersection safely."

Probably better to wait for the next light change instead of rushing your way through.  You can read more RIGHT HERE.

St. Pierre


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