Miami Area Planning Housing At Schools To Help Teachers Afford Rent

It's no secret that teachers don't make nearly enough money for the jobs that they do.  While it's not right, it is reality.  It's especially difficult in certain cities where the rents are becoming outrageously high.  

Miami-Dade County thinks it may have a new solution to the problem.  The city of Miami wants to build a new mid-rise middle school packed with residential units and parking with classrooms on top.  This way they could offer lower housing prices for teachers working at the school.

If the plan works, the county hopes to build an entire apartment complex with as many as 300 units right next to an already established elementary school.  

People are thinking this is a great idea.  JPMorgan Chase has already granted $215,000 for the project.  

What do you think?  Good idea or bad idea?  And teachers, would you want to leave AT school?  Read more HERE.

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