A New Law Would Let You Turn Off Your Email When You're Not At Work

I understand that I work for a different type of job that sometimes requires me to be connected all weekend long.  The radio never turns off.  If it does, it's a problem and I probably need to fix something.

Then there are other times when work is over and I just want to relax with my girlfriend and dog.  A new law that's making its way through the New York legislature could make that a reality.

The law is being called The Right to Disconnect Bill.  Essentially it would make it illegal for bosses/companies to require employees to answer emails during off hours.  Employees can certainly check their email and respond to things if they choose to.  But, employers can't make it a requirement and they can't use it against the employee if they don't.

As we've become more connected with smart phones and other devices the work/life balance has been more and more blurred.  It's so much harder to step away from work and enjoy our personal time.  I love the idea behind this law and think it's super necessary right now.

What do you think?

St. Pierre


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