These Baby Names Are On The Verge Of Extinction

Baby names grow in popularity from year to year.  Ask anyone who has a bunch of Bellas in their class right now.  But, as some names grow in popularity, others fall off the radar.  BabyCenter just came out with a list of names that were once popular but are now on the verge of becoming extinct.  

If you're trying to think of a name for your future little one, you can rest assured that any of these names would make them original!


1) Bette/Bettie

2) Blanche

3) Erma/Irma

4) Krista

5) Myrtle

6) Olga

7) Rhonda


1) Carroll

2) Dick

3) Homer

4) Lowell

5) Roosevelt

6) Rudolph

7) Willard

St. Pierre


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