Tired Of Her Husband Always Staying Late At Work...Woman Installs This To Make Sure He Comes Home On Time

We've all had to stay at work a little later than we would like.  It's not like we really want to do it, but it happens.

Well, one woman, a little suspicious about what her husband was up to, came up with a terrifying, and brilliant, idea to keep him coming home on time.

This photo started to go viral on Chinese social media.  Her husband, who works for an internet company, had begun to come in late from his job every night.  She had enough of his long workdays and came up with a system to get him home by a specific time or face the consequences.

The gadget by the door is actually a card reader that would record exactly what time he comes through the door each night.  Next to it is a note that lays out the rules of the household.  If the husband comes home by 9 pm, he is rewarded with a warm dinner in the company of his wife, without having to do the dishes. But if he comes up to 30 minutes than the agreed hour, he is fined with 100 yuan ($15), and if he’s more than 30 minutes late, he has to put in a whole day of house chores in the weekend.

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