She's Not Even Out Of High School But She's Making History

Becca Longo is only 18 years old, but she's already making history.

On April 12th she became the first woman to get an NCAA scholarship to play football at the Division II level or higher.  

Yes, I said football.  

Becca is a dominant athlete at her high school and is the kicker for the football team.  She made 35 of her 38 extra-point attempts during the last season and also connected on a 30-yard field goal the only time she was called on.  I'm sure that number would've been higher but her team generally went for it on fourth down.

Adams State in Colorado took notice and offered her a scholarship to play on the team.  Becca also will be playing for the women's basketball team.

Good luck, Becca!  We can't wait to hear your name on ESPN.

St. Pierre


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