Carrie Fisher Will Make An Appearance In Star Wars Episode 9!

After we tragically lost Carrie Fisher in the winter, the big question on the mind of every Star Wars fan has been, "What's going to happen to Princess Leia?"  

We had learned that all of her scenes for the upcoming Episode 8 were already filmed so she was set there.  But what about Episode 9?  Does she die in the 8th one?  Do they write her out?  What's the deal?

Now we have some answers...kind of.

Carrie's brother, Todd Fisher, confirmed that Disney wants Princess Leia back for Episode 9.  And they don't plan on using CGI.

Reports say they will use old footage of Carrie and piece it together to make things work.  Considering Episode 8, or 'The Last Jedi,' hasn't even come out yet, I think it's safe to say we have plenty of time to let writers and producers figure it out.

St. Pierre


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