Couple's Rescue Dog Is Acting Strangely...Then Leads Them To A 3-Year-Old Girl Lying Naked In A Ditch

Last year, a little dog named Petunia arrived at the Delta Animal Shelter in Michigan.  The poor pup had two broken legs and broken ribs, and somewhere along the way she'd ingested a large amount of carpet.  

Fortunately, Petunia was adopted by a loving family and given a new name, Peanut.

Fast-forward to this March.  Peanut was acting strangely in the house.  She was frantically running around and barking at nothing.  At one point, Peanut ran to find her dad.  He could tell she was not herself.  So, he let her out and followed behind as she took off running to the field behind their house.

That's where they found her...a 3-year-old girl.  She was alone, curled up in a ball and naked.  


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