Sad Homeless Man Sits On The Same Corner For 3 Years, Until A Curious Mom Pulls Up To Ask Him Why

For three years, Ginger Sprouse drove right by a particular corner in her town where a homeless man stood every day.  Thousands of people drove right by him.  He didn't bother anyone, but no one knew his story. Then Ginger decided to change that.

She began visiting him on her lunch breaks, and the two became friends.  His name was Victor Hubbard.  He was homeless and suffering from mental health issues.  The corner he stood at was the last place he saw his mother, and he was waiting for her to return.  

Ginger created a Facebook page "This is Victor" as a way to help the community get to know him the way she was.  Her actions inspired her neighbors to lend Victor a helping hand.  The help got him off the streets and into mental health clinics.  He even got a job in Ginger's business's kitchen.

What a beautiful friendship.


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