3-Year-Old's Mother Won't Say 'Hi' To Her, So She Grabs The Phone And Asks The Police To Come Over...

911 operators get some of the strangest calls.  One call from a particular little girl really stood out.

The 3-year-old picked up the phone and dialed 911 from inside her home.  The operator didn't expect the phrasing of her request.

In the video below, the little girl explains to the operator "My mommy is not saying hello."

The man on the other end, understandably confused, tries to follow along and the conversation continues...

O: "She's what?"

G: "She's not saying hi."

O: "Is your mommy awake?"

G: "No, she's closing her eyes.  Could you come over?"

The operator realizes quickly she needs an officer sent to her home and replies, "I'll try to have one of my friends come over and help you."

The call lasted long enough for authorities to trace the location of the little girl and they arrived at her mother's side just in time.  Thank goodness she thought to call, and the operator was patient enough to understand.


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