The Life Story Of New England Patriots Cornerback Malcolm Butler To Be Turned Into A Movie

In just three short years, Malcolm Butler has gone from an undrafted rookie to one of the NFL's best cornerbacks.  His story has been so inspiring that its on the way to being immortalized in a movie.

Daniel Levin, producer of the Oscar nominated film Lion, has acquired Butler's life rights for a biopic titled 'The Secondary.'

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

"Levin's instincts have been sound: He obtained Lion subject Saroo Brierley's rights after reading about him in 'Vanity Fair,' and now the movie is up for six Oscars.  Likewise, he saw promise in the story of an undrafted Butler, who just three years ago was running the fryolator at a Popeyes chicken joint when his agent, Derek Simpson, secured him a tryout with the Patriots."

The film also will reportedly tell the story of Simpson, whose persistence helped Butler get a chance in the NFL.

To think Butler was working at a fast food joint and became the hero of Super Bowl 49 all in the same year (essentially) is pretty remarkable.  I could see an Oscar Award for this film.  

Think about it...the Patriots do have a thing for collecting trophies.

St. Pierre


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