Older Man Keeps Calling For Help...But When It Arrives At his Home, He Reveals His True Identity

Douglas and his wife, Maxine, lived a quiet life. Unfortunately, since his retirement, Douglas suffered from a variety of diseases.  The couple would often call on the local fire department to get help.  The firefighters would respond with the aid, exchange some pleasantries and continue on their way.  

It wasn't until yet another call when the firefighters realized who Douglas really was.  He was Lieutenant Marks.  The firefighters learned he was one of their own, and found out they were serving the oldest living retired firefighter in their county.  

That was all it took for the heroes to form a bond with Douglas.  The department quickly dove into his backstory and their visits became so much more meaningful.

That bond stayed strong until Douglas' death in March of 2016...

St. Pierre


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