Family Orders Pregnant Woman To Get Rid Of Her Dogs...Then She Poses For A 'Revenge' Photo Shoot

Aditya and Sanjana couldn't have been more excited to find out they were going to have a baby.  The first-time parents immediately told all of their family and friends.  That's when their excitement started to disappear.

Many of their friends and family had concerns about their dogs.  Sanjana works with an animal rescue organization in the couple's home city of Bengaluru, India.  As a result, she's taken in five dogs and fostered many others.  She said she was told by her family, friends and even her doctor to get rid of her dogs.

Sanjana made it very clear to all of thatm that her dogs were staying.  To show their dedication to the furry members of their family, they arranged this adorable photo shoot starring everyone.


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