Frederick County School District Employee Fired Over Tweet Correcting Student's Spelling

It started out as a simple, light-hearted joke, but it ended with Katie Nash losing her job.

Nash, a social media manager for the Frederick County Public School System, replied to a student's tweet and subsequently lost her job.  

The tweet from @linganoreRocket said, "close school tammarow PLEASE."

Nash responded, "but they how would you learn how to spell "tomorrow"? :)"

The student said he didn't take the tweet personally, and thought it was funny.  But Frederick County Public Schools terminated her contract anyway.

Katie Nash said she was called into a meeting that lasted just four minutes.  That's when they handed her a letter and asked for her badge and ID.  

Students and parents have been coming to her defense and an effort has begun to get her job back.  

What do you think?  Did the school system take it too far?  Or, did she deserve to be fired?


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