Bruce W. Lichorowic, President & CEO at Galen Robotics

Mr. Lichorowic serves as the President and CEO of Galen Robotics, where he leverages technology solutions to tackle existing challenges in AI, SAAS, and Medical robotics. His expertise lies at the intersection of technology and multiple market segments, creating opportunities for convergence and driving significant change to enhance lives. With a pioneering spirit, he has led the way in commercializing AI adaptive agents for simplifying real-time data analytics and artificial intelligence applications.

As a "crossover" CEO, Mr. Lichorowic merges his high-tech and medical backgrounds to offer innovation, leadership, and visionary guidance in advancing the next generation of surgical robotics. Under his leadership, Galen Robotics, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University, is at the forefront of revolutionizing minimally invasive high-precision surgeries. They have developed a groundbreaking surgical robotics platform for microsurgeries that combines robotics with advanced capabilities, including AI and data analytics, to support surgeons. This platform is currently undergoing FDA review, and Galen Robotics is preparing for its highly anticipated launch later this year.


Mr. Lichorowic's professional journey includes serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Trak Surgical and holding the position of Managing Director at BlueFire Capital Partners, where he focused on fostering the growth of technology-based mid-market companies in Silicon Valley, California. Additionally, he co-founded Madison Lane Consulting Group, where he implemented a unique "business engineering" approach to merge technology and medicine, leading to groundbreaking advancements in treatments and capabilities.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Mr. Lichorowic has actively collaborated with local and state officials, advocating for policy changes that promote the advancement of innovative technologies. His expertise and insights have garnered recognition globally, making him a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. Professionals in both the technology and business sectors frequently seek his counsel and benefit from his visionary perspectives.

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