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34,000 CARJACKINGS EVERY YEAR in the USA! Here's how to Protect Yourself.

According to a U.S. Justice Department report, over 34,000 carjacking incidents occur annually in the U.S.

"44 percent of carjacking incidents occurred in an open area, such as on the street or near public transportation facilities including airports, bus and train stations. 24 percent occurred in parking lots or garages near businesses such as stores, gas stations, office buildings, restaurants and bars.

93 percent of carjackings occurred in cities or suburbs. A weapon was used in 74 percent of carjackings. About 32 percent of victims of completed carjackings and 17 percent of victims of attempted carjackings were injured.

In only a quarter of carjackings was the vehicle and all property totally recovered." These stats are reported by Hanover Insurance Group. Some VERY important possibly LIFE SAVING tips available at this link again. Hanover Insurance Group.

This guy makes some good points. Crime happens everywhere and at all hours. The biggest advantage criminals like to take advantage of is the “element of surprise”.

Having your guard down thinking you’re safe in the middle of the afternoon is when you can most likely be victimized.

Best point in this guy’s narration is “Keep your head on a swivel”. The best defense is spotting

Criminals before they make their move. When you take away their ability to shock, they’re much more likely to leave you alone or at least give you the opportunity to leave before it’s too late.

You CAN watch the video if you click the link on the video "VIEW ON FACEBOOK" below -MIchael J

Pay attention. These crimianls have no respect for life. Very sad.

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