Brantley,Toby Keith & Hardy dropped the Worst of Country Song of All Time

Here is it. Brantley Gilbert, Toby Keith and Hardy! You know how these boys like to do it.

A few commennts already coming in about "The Worst Country Song of All Time"

I hate driving this eighteen wheeler, delivering milk for your refrigerator, and I hate fishing with my ole man, and riding my Harley across this free land, and I hate listening to Brantley Gilbert, N Toby Keith ain't as good as he once was, and I hate drinking from papaws brown jug, but here in couple hours got to take me a shower and do it all over again.. God BLESS AMERICA. Thanks BG

“Your mommas home made fried chicken sucks” love Toby. And have seen bg in concert 6-7 times now and every show is always better than the last

And this is the song I’m blasting the second I drive onto college campus… with a Gadsden flag off the back

This REALLY is the worst Country song I’ve ever heard… and I still love it

Haha way to go Brantley, Hardy & Toby! This was awesome! This is exactly what we needed right now with all of the chaos and BS happening in the world! Music for people that haven't lost their damn minds!!

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