Music marks moments we remember forever. What are yours?

Here are 9 of my music moments I'll remember forever.

My First Concert : England Dan & John Ford Coley

First Record Album I was given as a kid- "Rumors" - Fleetwood Mac

Second Album I owned - Hotel California - The Eagles

First song I played on a commercial radio station: "Workin' My Way Back to You"- The Spinners

First song I played on Country radio after being hired away from a Detroit Pop Station in 1994 on W4 Country "She's In Love With the Boy" - Trisha Yearwood

Last Song I played on W4 Country in Detroit when I was picked to be the guy to sign the Country format off the legendary Detroit station WWWW-FM in 1997- "The Dance" Garth Brooks

First Dance at my wedding - "I Could Not Ask For More"- Sara Evans

Favorite Artist of all time - James Taylor

Favorite Country Artist of All Time - Garth Brooks

Now a question for YOU below.

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