Two women try to impersonate grannies to skip the Covid line and get busted

Two women in Florida posed as elderly grandmothers in an effort to skip the line and get their COVID vaccine shots before they are eligible. The Florida Department of Health in Orange County caught these two women as they were trying to get their second dose of COVID vaccine in bonnets and gloves. They showed their vaccination cards from getting their first doses, but the names and birth dates the women had didn't matching drivers licenses. Police responded and found that these two imposters were actually only 34 and 44 years old. Florida like many other states at this point is still working through the 65 and older age groups.

Video below shows the girls being ticketed for trespassing and threatened with arrest for trying to impersonate to gain entry. Police are heard telling the women that they have “stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it." Well that's got to be embarrassing.