Carrie Underwood through EIGHT years on SNF plus the women she followed!

For 2020-21 Carrie added some new video and it sounds like she updated a few lines in the song too!

In 2019-2020 season Carrie went back to the Waiting All NIght for Sunday NIght Theme again with help from Joan Jett.

In 2018 They went with the GAME ON theme for Sunday Night Football. Same Carrie Underwood energy but something was missing.....

In 2017, with a Shania Twain-esq drum beat...Carrie opened SNF with Something's About to Happen, Sunday Night again but with a new video!

Carrie literally ran into the show video intro with Something's About To Happen, Sunday Night!

In 2015 she Carrie-d on with Waiting All Week for Sunday Night!

How many different ways can Carrie Underwood deliver this famous Sunday Night theme?

2013 was the lucky year when Carrie Underwood got the call to lend a voice to SNF for the first time replacing Faith Hill was some high heels to walk in!

in 2012 Faith Hill last opened Sunday Night Football with Waiting All Week for Sunday Night! ending her five year campaign in the NFL

2011 Faith Hill opend for the 4th week in a row.

Remember Faith Hill and the Mustang? That was 2010

Waiting for Sunday Night for Football and Faith Hill continued with am update in 2009

In 2008 NBC turned to Faith Hill turn the Country onto football!

In 2006-2007 Pink sang the SNF open

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