Detroit man gives nurses gas to say THANK YOU for fighting corona virus

Allen Marshall has saved up $900 planning to purchase a tool to sharpen knives. Then corona virus erupted across America deeply impacting neighborhoods throughout the Metro Detroit area. Seeing so many fallen sick and dying Allen changed his mind on what to do with the money. This week will a neatly printed sign, the St. Clair Shores resident (a suburb of Detroit), has been paying for gas for anyone who asked and could prove they are on the front lines of this medical battle.

The Detroit Free Press reported "With all that is going on with the coronavirus, I wanted to thank the essential workers the best way that I can," said Marshall, holding a white sign that read "Free Gas For Nurses." "I really don't need that tool and thought this was a better way to spend the money."

Then a woman from the area who'd heard what Allen was doing showed up at the gas station and said she wanted to help! She went into the gas station office and gave $200 so that Allen could continue giving the nurses free gas!

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