This 9 YEAR Old Boy is my hero raising $100,000 for kids with cancer.

At a St. Jude walk to raise money for St Jude Children's Cancer Research hospital, I met a 9 year old who I will NEVER forget. His name is Matteo from Vienna, Virginia and he's been really busy on a mission this year to run 100 miles and raise $100,000 for kids with cancer. His final race is coming up on 10/19 at Louise Archer Elementary School and he has raised $54,000 to date.  I want to get the word out about matteo. Remember. all proceeds that matteo raises go to Hopecam, so we can help more children with cancer defeat social isolation and stay connected to their friends, classrooms and their world. Find out more at

Len Forkas founded Hopecam to help kids in the hospital avoid feeling of isolation by staying connected. Matteo heard about that project and decided he wanted to help. He believes kids should support other kids, so he’s using his speed and stamina to make a difference in 2019 by competing in about 33 charity-driven races across 15 states and 2 countries- for a total of 100 miles. I think you'll be moved by this young man. Take a look! ,

WUSA 9 interviewed Matteo about his journey to help more kids. The video segment can be viewed by visiting:

For more on Matteo's final 5K of 2019 take a look here

Can you help me spread the word and help Matteo reach his goal?