What's the dumbest thing you've done lately? Bet I can top it-Yes #ImStupid

We all do stupid things.

Although, I have a feeling I may be worse than you. I was at the gas station pumping gas, even going out of my way to fill my wife's car up too. Using my Get Upside app, yada yada. What I wasn't doing was using my brain. I laid my wallet and phone on the tonneau cover on my truck bed while I was pumping. When I was finished, I put the pump handle back on the machine and grabbed my phone to take a picture of my receipt for my app and I jumped BACK IN MY TRUCK WITH MY WALLET STILL LAYING ON MY TONNEAU and drove away.

I'm certain that I did that because I had some junk mail in my wallet. A couple of miles down the road from the gas station, I happened to see the junk mail flying in the air from the back of my truck. I'm guessing the wallet was heavy enough to hold that envelope down until it most likely bounced off of my truck. I went back up and down the road over and over again looking for my wallet. It has to be laying there somewhere right? Like a needle in a haystack. Gone.

There was exactly nine bucks in there which isn't the end of the world but there is other personal stuff that I now need to replace. Drivers license, insurance cards, and on and on. Already called the bank to notify them about my debit card.

Just thought I'd share my stupidity with you so hopefully you don't make the same mistake. I'm also hoping by embarrassing myself sharing this story, I will never be this mindless again. Meanwhile, I'll try to look at the brightside,at least I didn't leave the gas pump in my truck like these people.

Michael J.

Michael J.

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