WHY are there SO MANY Trolls On Instagram?

Why do people think it's appropropriate to post rude comments just because they are talkingabout someone who is well known. They are human and have feelings like everyoine else. Can you imagine if we all started picking apart everyone's pics that make these comments. WW3 right. #DontBeATroll


  • Sorry Gwen i am not really fan of this look for once.. too much too fake it doesnt fit you i think.. by the way i love you so much please don't be mad at me 😙😙😙
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  • Don’t like the hair
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  • Your doc over did it
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  • Gorgeous!! 💓
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  • Gwen you are so awesome the way you are. We all notice the lip injections have gone a little too far. Of course you can do what you wish, but those that wish you well, think there is loveliness in a more natural look.
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  • @willowgirl36i said I didnt like her hair and these fanatics reported to instagram. Can’t have an opinion?? But they can say what they want and that’s ok
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  • @luluq01i think it’s because she’s not wearing red lipstick like she always does. looking at other photos they’re the same size, the nude color just makes them look off.
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  • @mariastevens1106It is pretty ridiculous. It seems to me some people don’t have a life of their own and live precariously through other people’ lives and idolize them. Everyone is entitled to their respectful opinion.
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I say opinions are like _________________________, everyone has one ! MJ

even more here

Among the hateful remarks were things like:

"New lips who dis?"
"Chill on the surgery."
"Your doc over did it."
"Who ever did your lips needs to no longer be practicing."
"Too much too fake it doesn't fit you."
"She looks horrible, like a clown. All of this plastic surgeries."
"The lip injections have gone a little too far."

All trolls!

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