27 year old, Holly Butcher died a year ago but her final words are ALIVE!

After 'clicking the sad emogee' on Holly Butcher's facebook post in January of 2018, I'm reminded of the impact of her final note daily, as it continues to be shared around the world causing the post to continue to pop back up on my feed. 

If this is the first time you're hearing about Holly, here is her backstory. 

At 26, she was diagnosed with cancer. She had some time to really think about her life and what it meant to her personally. What was important and what as she put it in just 'Bullshit'.  Being from Australia, Holly uses a word or two that will look like a misspelling at first. She implores "Don't Whinge". I thought she meant , don't whine until I looked it up and found that whinge. (rhymes with hinge, like on a door), means vitually the same thing but it's a separate - "Don't feel sorry for yourself and complain' is my interpretation.

Holly really had a handle on the value of "TIME" which is what she had so very little of left when she wrote this. She obviously knew her's was short. Within 24 hours of writing this, her family let us know that she passed. At 27 years young, the world lost a beautiful and obviously brilliant woman. Her body has run out of energy but with our help, her love and imagination can continue to live forever. The internet just will not let THAT die! 

I read this often to remind myself of what is REALLY important. You may find that you want to as well.

Thank you Holly. You were way beyond your years.

Michael J

Holly's final words dated 1/3/2018

To even better illustrate Holly's post, her family added pictures to go along with her words. R.I.P. Holly Butcher and thank you for sharing the real meaning, common to all of humankind. May your light shine on forever!

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