Did you donate to a "Homeless Vet who gave his Last $20 away"? SCAM

They thought they had devised the ultimate scam.  A "Homeless Vet" gives his last $20 to a woman who ran out of gas. The couple wanted to repay him for his 'generosity" so they opened a GoFundMe which tapped into emotions of people wanting to repay a man for his service to our country.  

What a coincidence! Over 5 years ago , this Bobbitt character posted a story to his Facebook. Notice any similiarities?  

From Oct. 1, 2012, Bobbitt posted while he was living in Henderson, N.C.: “So this girl runs out of gas and has a flat tire at the same time in front of Wal-Mart and is blocking traffic. Everybody blows the horn and cusses her but of course no-one helps her. So I run to the gas station and then change her tire. I spent the only cash I had for supper but at least she can get her little children home safe.”


His bio on this Facebook page lists the following employers.

I gotta question if this man is actually even a Vet? If he's not, there should be a penalty for impersonating one too! Dispicable. All three of these scammers.


A BMW the couple purchased with money from the scam has been repossessed by police.

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